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Lymphatic Therapy

Definition of Lymphatic Therapy:
Developed by Vodder and expanded on by Asdonk, Manual Lymph Drainage is a light, circular surface manual therapy (superficial tissue stretching), which is perfomed with varying degrees of pressure. This results in an increase of the transported volume by the lymph collectors. Circular, pumping and scooping movements aim at shifting edematous fluid in a central direction.

(Horst Weissleder and Christian Schuchhardt. Fourth edition, Lymphedema Diagnosis and Therapy. 403.)

Very light in nature this technique applies a specific force on the lymphatic tissues which is stimulating to the lymphatics and relaxing to the nervous system. This technique does not increase filtration into the tissues like massage therapy can and therefore does not promote more fluid rushing into the already congested area.”

At Kamloops Massage Matters, we have a preferred area of practice in treating Lymphedema according to the internationally recognized “Best Practices“.

Best Practices, resources, and research can be found through the International Lymphoedema Framework and the Canadian Lymphedema Framework.