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Breast Cancer Rehabilitation

Advancement in cancer diagnosis and treatment has increased survivorship amongst those with cancer. (1)

This creates a large number of people who have suffered short and long term effects of these therapies.  “Most cancer survivours are living with some kind of physical and/op emotional problem, which often goes undetected, and therefore untreated.” (2)

These physical impairments can include restricted range of motion, weakness, pain, fatigue, or lymphedema. Cancer rehabilitation can help you manage and recover from many of those physical changes in the body. (3)

As part of your cancer rehabilitation, MANUAL THERAPY, EXERCISES PRESCRIPTION, ACUPUNCTURE, COMBINED DECONGESTIVE THERAPY (lymphedema treatment), and EDUCATION regarding fatigue and pain management can help you thrive.

Our physiotherapists, Andrea Edwards MScPT and Amanda Matton MScPT, have trained in the PiNC program, a physiotherapist based rehabilitation and fitness program for women with cancer.

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